The First Lady of Springbok Rugby




Springbok Rugby Public Relations Manager Annelee Murray was with the team for 244 matches, in which time she worked with seven national coaches, 248 players and 21 Springbok captains. This is her celebration of her 20 year journey as the first lady of Springbok rugby.

I’d like to think what you are about to read is not so much my story but my Springbok rugby journey. It isn’t about me but about the many different personalities, occasions and experiences that made my years on the road with the Boks such a remarkable memory.

I hope the book can educate and inspire supporters equally when it comes to the Springboks and the dynamics around the greatest rugby team in the world. I also hope it serves as aspiration as much as inspiration for any young woman who wants to work in sport and, in this instance, in rugby. It can be done. I am proof of that as are several other wonderfully talented professionals who worked with me.”  –  Annelee Murray